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Half Birthdays

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As my birthday approaches and others have passed I have started considering the celebration of Half Birthdays, the time when your birthday is exactly half the distance from another. On your birthday everyone calls you or sends you an email or posts a little blurb on your Facebook wall. It is less special to everyone else as it is to you. The Half Birthday is a way to individually celebratize your and their special day. Only on the Half Birthday is it unique for you and them to chat about yourselves and the memories of your time together aside from anniversaries. Only you and them will know it because they are the only people willing to take the time to figure it out.

How does it work? Take the date of your birthday and theirs to the calendar. Figure out the mark of exactly halfway between. There should be two, one short and one long. How about that? You get two days with your special someone. For example if your birthday is on September 18 and your friend is on the 14th then your special day is the 16th and sometime in March. My brother’s birthday is on the 6th so our special day is the 12th.

In theory this is a wonderful idea; however, in practice it is too arbitrary to make any real sense until someone makes an algorithm to calculate the further reaching dates. I have no inclination in my current state of infirmary to actually find out where I stand with my best friend, who was born on Christmas Eve or my mother who was born near Thanksgiving. I will satisfy myself with selfishly celebrating those days which fall in the same month as my own and use it as an excuse to call friends that I have let the time lapse on calling them exactly on the specified day of their birth as my own approaches.

So, Happy Birthday, Half Birthday, and Un-Birthday to all and to all a good night.

Saying I Love You

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Saying I Love You - story by tyson moore - image by Ryan Davis

Saying I Love You - story by tyson moore - image by Ryan Davis

a prose form short story essay about the relationship jaded society expressing love in the post modern world by tyson moore.


a photo review of Ryan Davis, a vulgar sense of the sensitive making Hallmark cards for the disenfranchised, creator of the original image “I Heart You” manipulated for the header and featured below.

I am a member of the modern socially disaffected who has difficulty with traditional folkways that long ago lost their meaning. Among those that I question in the department of commitment are marriage, career, and saying “I Love You”. We no longer expect our marriages to last forever, which is obvious by our divorce rate. If we do, then we are as delusional as the burgeoning twenty something thinking they will keep the same job until they retire or the college graduate hoping for a future with a Philosophy degree. Recently, I have come into skepticism of my skepticism about saying “I Love You”.

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photography by Ryan Davis

photography by Ryan Davis