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Home on Vacation (con’t)

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Day 2 – Preparing for the Animas

To keep to our regiment of hiking then paddling we hit town for much needed supplies. We got life jackets from Big 5 yesterday, but all they had were chincy kid paddles and Four Corners River Outfitters closed early. I would like to say we hopped in the car moments after waking at the break of dawn to get started, but this is not the way when on vacation. Taking the crew to Vallecita Reservoir was as much needed for my piece of mind as it was to get the proper equipment. I needed a lake to show him the strokes he would need to handle rapids. We even got a chance to shoot the slow moving section of the Pinos that empties into it. I let him go by hisself while the girl, the dog, and I watched from shore. Too bad we forgot a camera that day. Serene mountains overlooked our late afternoon lap. Alright, we only made the northern half of the lap in the canoe. The other half was done by car. Although we finally got started about 4pm, it was enough to get our arms loosened, the Indian J stroke learned, and our pace established for a current with rocks.