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The Problem with a Daily Blog

Posted in blog, Uncategorized, writing with tags , , , , , on May 25, 2010 by tymora42

The problem with keeping a daily blog, even if it is a somewhat one, is that it takes away time for real writing work with trivial BS. It seems like I am wasting more time telling you about things that you do not really care about rather than working on a real story, or novel, or something of substance. This is all filler. Beth Hayden says it is necessary. I am no Piers Anthony or Stephen King. I cannot crap out a novel in a couple months. It takes time. I have to have a real job to make ends meet and then go to work on these things of possibly promisary pleasure. There is little time for a glorified online diary. It is why I never dealt so much with them in the past. I use my energy shitting out these words, thoughts, feelings, life, experience for the sake of consistency. I could be writing about mermaids right now. Instead I am here talking about myself. So what? Thankfully, I have a few finished pieces and some more on the editing board to keep this season running smoother than the lasts. Thankfully, these blog pieces require no refinement. Unfortunately, the longer works will suffer. So you know what is coming up: a kafka style metamorphosis of a man into a fish, the origins of the flea in podcast form, a zombie novel series, live recordings from southmorehouse art community in Houston, a passionate piece about the difficulties of becoming friends with the opposite sex, more Daudi as soon as I can find the faeries again, and whatever else comes in the meantime. Stay tuned.