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The Opal Deception

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I spoke with a jewelry seller at one of those southwestern mall shops today. They had fabulous rings made from cut glass and opals. It was difficult to consider the semi precious speckled stones garnering the sides of the shapely ring were real. The metalwork was a twisted silver beauty, but the finely cut glass to resemble diamonds threw me because of its placement so close to the opals. I would even go so far as to say the colored and sliced glass jewels (purples, reds, greens, etc) stood out in aesthetic much finer than the actual gemstones placed along the sides. It was the uglier type of opal anyway. The kind that has too many miniature rainbows cluttering too small of a space.

The sales lady talked about a broad range of new age christianity with me. She could tell i was interested. I always am. We discussed Gnostics and the Enochian Keys and the plight of Anton LaVey with intellectual satanism, as opposed to christian satanism. The difference being that the former believes in God and directly refutes his goodness, which is typical among rebellious teens. The other are predominately atheistic and use the story of the tree of knowledge as an iconic pursuit of life. Usually, they do not mind who gets hurt in the name of that power.

The babies of the Renaissance, who look more like diminutive old men than children, were intoned with equal passion during the discourse. We decided that life and death are intwined. Where one source says the Enochian Keys could open the gates to Hell, another might say it opens that of the netherworld, a place being neither Heaven nor Hell. I say the passage of life and death are closest when we are born and when we are old. This is why the babies look like that. They represent the two embodiments of corporeal form nearest the transition of worlds.

Like all who are passionate about their spiritual quest, she ventured to find out more about her conversation partner, which happened to be me. She was hesitant when she asked, not knowing exactly the right words to phrase the question. I have been asked this very thing by so many diverse beliefs that I have nailed down a pattern to their own general belief system based upon their approach. Agnostic Semitics ask if you believe in God. Christians ask if you believe in Jesus. Ritualists ask what you practice. New Age Spiritualists ask about your Journey. Eastern religions do not typically ask. I told her what I tell everyone, I believe in faeries.

Strangely enough, the questions got more personal. Do I talk to them? Yes, we play often. Am I psychic? Not necessarily, but I have been considered “in tune” by my psychic friends. They say I have a secret gift that I hide. There, the secret is out. I told her. I might as well tell you too. She had a way of putting me off guard and making me reveal myself readily. It was refreshing. Normally I am the one in her shoes doing the off putting to their guard. Not very often does someone do it to me. I liked it. It makes you think. It forces you to consider. With those considerations we come to decisions until the next time a consideration is made.

Thank you jewelry shop lady even if your opals did suck.