Going Dark – Good Times

I have just recently returned from a proverbial internet communication “radio silence” due to nondisclosure acts of the highest media security that I am not at liberty to discuss any further than a notification that they were in place. People who are dear to me and new friends met along the way had their jobs on the line by a hundred key strokes of my hand. I even had a post ready to go that verbal cease and desist orders asked me nicely not to publish. Eventually, they will be, but not until the green light flashes from these sources. Even then they will be safely coded, misrepresented, and possibly guarded further by impersonating a fictitious story on my other site, Stories of the flEA.

My apologies go out to all of those neglected during this vacation, those emails to people who are letting me use their photography and artwork in my next story, which should have been published before leaving. Unfortunately, some of the permissions were not solidified before I got on the plane to Kauai as I hoped they would have been. It should be up in no less than a week since the majority of the work has already been done. Keep a lookout for it. It is about a guy who turns into a fish. There are some fascinating images involved that will be presented similarly to the MOAB: filled with genital humor article. That worked out well. I will continue to keep it going in further stories if I can and if they call for it.

My thanks go out to those who helped make my stay off-continent a wonderful one. As much as I wish I could they will henceforth remain nameless until I name them.

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