Home on Vacation

A couple Houston friends blew into town carrying a canoe on the top of a small sized SUV RAV4. It was quite a sight. What could I do, but neglect my blog to take them outdoors to play, and their little dog too. Now that they have gone as quick as they came, we all have headfulls of memories and adventures. Every day was nonstop action, so much that any moment could be a commercial clip for the latest Jason Statham movie. Alright, maybe not quite that much. Maybe a Nicholas Cage adventure romp. Maybe a National Treasure 3 subtitled the Secrets of Geronimo and filmed in Colorado. Since you missed most of it, I will give brief details by day here:

Day 1: Lost Leash

Hiked to the top of Lost Leash Mountain, not a very high altitude of about 9,000 feet. We started on the trail, but the peak loomed over us with a beckoning. Soon enough we were off trail blazing a path to the top. Every piece of the drastic scenery became overwhelming just in time for us to accomplish it. Even the dog had to be careful across the rock flow. It was supposed to be a short morning hike before breakfast, but it ended up being a day’s worth with a steady supply of granola bars and the promise of lunch when we got back. The last portion of the climb included a 50-60 degree incline straight up through the brush. The view from about a hundred feet from the apex made it all worth it. Unfortunately, the tippity was obscured by trees. Neither the mountain or the trail had a name. Seeing as which we were one of the few humans who had ever crested it, we named it by forgetting Scottie’s leash on an overlook during a bag change. Water was running low and the sky threatened rain with an inappropriate amount of thunder and lightning. Using guesswork we bushwacked it down the other side hoping to come across the actual trail. Again, that almost overwhelming sense prodded us forth toward accomplishment. At times in the wilderness there was a bit of bear fear. We scuffled around thick aspen groves and brush hoping not to stumble into predatory wildlife. The coyotes were getting braver and hungrier and abducting medium sized dogs straight from their owner’s backyards. What would stop them from taking us out of the forest? Finally, we made the civilized route down the hill. Just when we ran out of water and hit the road, the sky opened up onto us. Even the electricity failed for a minute while sitting in the garage drying off. That was when we realized we had left the leash.

The rain cleared to sun with enough daylight left over to check out town. I had errands. With a new canoe to the property I needed lifejackets and paddles. They needed backpacks and sleeping bags.

(con’t later)

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