Zombie Jesus Health Care Reform

I had a dream last night that Jesus rose from the dead again to heal a bunch of people. When He touched their heads to offer Salvation, their clothes spontaneously disappeared and they fell on the ground in worshipful bliss. The adults did. When he touched the heads of children, they just became starry eyed and remained fully clothed. I watched limbs grow back from the lame, scarred and wrinkled faces smooth, blind eyes see. I started to think how great it would be if Jesus fixed my missing tooth. I wondered if that was why all these people were worshipping him, because he could fix them up. Was their faith self serving or altruistic?

When Jesus took a dead man’s hand with a kiss, causing the deceased (I do not know how I knew he was deceased, it was dream logic) to rise, I said a little louder than I expected, “I knew it. Jesus is a Zombie!” He heard me from across the room. I thought he would be pissed. He walked over and put his hand on my head. My tooth grew back, but my clothes were still there, too. He smiled at me and handed me a note. Jesus has terrible penmanship. You would think it would be ornate. It was nearly legible chicken scratch. It said something to the affects of, “You are healed for now, however, the date of your salvation like these children has not yet been set. It will come, but the date is up to you. – JC”

I don’t really know if he signed his letter JC or not. If I was Him, I would. Everyone who was healed was baffled that I got to keep my clothes on. They did not think I was really healed. This was fine by me. I did not have to participate in their stupid group prayers and candle vigils. Only the children understood. That stuff was pretty boring to them too. We winked at each other and went about our own un-predestined life.

I think Jesus admired that in us. After all His whole existence was set in stone to be hung on a cross from the time he was born, according to the lore. How is that for destiny without choice? Some say He did have a choice. Martin Scorcese got into a little controversy saying he had a choice with The Last Temptation of Christ. Honestly, though, that movie said he was tempted. Christians hate that. It makes Jesus seem too human, but isn’t that the point. He was human. He was tempted. So are you. God sent this man to show us how we could live a better life as humans. Did he have a choice, though?

Not really.

Neither did all those other people greedy for Health Care. They were willing to parade around naked, pretending to worship, overlooking reason for blind faith. Neither me or the children were willing to sacrifice those very things that makes us sentient beings for immediate gratification. This is why I think Jesus admired us. He wrote me a note. Did you get a note? No? I didn’t think so.

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